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Reuse Content - Maximizing Your Content
about 1 year ago

The secret to a good content mix is ​​not to produce new content on a running band. It's about taking advantage of the masterpieces you have already created and maximizing the potential. Here are some tips on how you can save time by recycling content in different ways.


Find your rock stars


How do you know which content to reuse? Start by digging in your own statistics! Do you have any star-studded blog posts that stand out by pulling in traffic month after month? Or some posts in your social channels that have gone exceptionally well? Then you have found your rock stars, aka the material you should focus on! It can be a blog post, a podcast section, a video, a social media post, or anything that stands out from the crowd.


Reuse Email Content


You can easily reuse your email content, templates that you send for your subscribers, as they do not get indexed and there is no plag issue with them. Creating amazing email content can help you in the long run. You can use free email senders to send unlimited emails.


Here is a guide of free email senders for you sendinblue vs mailchimp two most popular email service providers.


Make blog posts a podcast or vice versa


The easiest way to recover content is to recreate content in another format. Make one or more blog posts of your most popular podcast episode or break out tips or interesting quotes from the section and post to your social media channels - add pictures and you have a video. Content that is of high quality can often be turned and flipped to fit every conceivable format and channel. Chip freely, you will suddenly have four new content ideas without doing a single minute of research.


Make a post about your posts


When you think you've turned every drop of your rock star content, there's another trick to take. Gather your most read blog posts in a list, or write a summary of the month's / half's / season's / year's screenings. “Our 3 most read blog posts in June”, “4 important insights on content marketing” or why not “We summarize spring's inbound marketing trends”? In the posts you list your previous blog posts and write a little short about each. It's almost like this can be a standing feature - right? 😉


Recycle your video material


Are you watching lots of video material from webinars or product videos? Think about how you can best reuse it. For example, you can cut out sequences from a webinar and make it shorter clips for your social channels. Or why not do as Ica? They created hundreds of gifs of their films from the popular commercial soap that aired for 18 years. A wonderful way to get hold of archival material and give it new life for another generation. Nicely worked, Ica!


Timeless content (evergreen content)


The term “evergreen content” is usually used for content that is timeless. There may be themes that recur each season, such as Christmas gift tips or recipes for Midsummer's Hero.


This type of content has a long lifespan and provides you with steady traffic to your site. But remember to optimize the material from year to year so that your “evergreen” is constantly relevant and up-to-date.


There were some tips on how to reuse good content. If you want to do a really thorough review of the archive with SEO, clearing and updates of your material, we at Invise will help you more than happy with a content audit .


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